William Bridge

William Bridge was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and served for several years as a fellow there as well. He served a five-year pastorate in Essex before accepting a call to Norwich. As a non-conformist, in 1637 he was officially silenced by Archbishop Wren, a noted enemy of the Puritans. Bridge was eventually excommunicated by the Church of England and moved to Rotterdam in Holland, where we was chosen pastor of the same Congregational church where the famous Jeremiah Burroughs was the teacher. Bridge returned to England in 1642, and was chosen as one of the dissenters in the Westminster Assembly. He later pastored in Yarmouth, until the Great Ejection of 1662. William Bridge died in 1670. Soli Deo Gloria reprinted the 1845 five-volume edition of his Works in 1989, but the print run has sold out. Prior to that printing, that set was arguably the scarcest of the 19th century Puritan reprinted sets to find.


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