Messiah the Prince by William Symington

The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ

William Symington


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Messiah the Prince

The work of Dr. William Symington, of Glasgow, Scotland, on "The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ," holds a place in literature which is altogether unique. While books on the priestly work of the Redeemer, and especially on the Atonement, are numerous, no formal and exhaustive discussion of the kingly office of the Messiah—its necessity, its reality, its extent, and its application to various classes of moral agents—is elsewhere, I believe, to be found. Even elaborate systems of theology are found singularly defective here. Since, however, the royal authority of Christ has been clearly revealed, and is unquestionably exercised in the government of the world, it is manifest that an examination of this subject is essential to any complete view of the work of Redemption. It is cause for satisfaction that the only treatise, as yet, upon this subject, is a work of signal ability, lucid in arrangement, reverent in spirit, and, with hardly an exception, sound and judicious in its conclusions. Its very merits are probably, in part, the reason why no other work on the same subject has appeared, and until it is supplanted by a better work—an event not likely soon to occur—it will have a value peculiar to itself.

Author:William Symington
Title:Messiah the Prince or The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ